You must agree to the following Terms and Conditions to be eligible to participate in the Defensive Driving Program:

  • I agree to waive my rights to a speedy trial while in the program, and I understand that every person charged with an offense has a right to a lawyer. I agree to waive my rights to an attorney while I attempt to complete the Pre-Trial Intervention Program.
  • I agree to waive and/or toll any Statute of Limitations that may apply while in the program: I agree to waive or toll any time requirements that may apply under the Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure.
  • I have had explained to me, the expectations and conditions of the program, including fees and hereby agree to these conditions.
  • In the event that there is a victim in my case, (which there should not be a victim in a typical rules of the road case), I agree to the District Attorney establishing an agreed amount of restitution to be paid to the victim after consideration of my circumstances and the victims.
  • I understand that Pre-Trial Intervention records or records related to Pre-Trial Intervention admission shall not be admissible in subsequent proceedings, criminal or civil, and communications between Pre-Trial Intervention counselors and defendants shall be privileged unless a court of competant jurisdiction determines there is a compelling public interest that such communications be revealed.


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